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Square Feet to Tons Calculator

The Square Feet to Tons Calculator is a useful tool for anyone working in construction, landscaping, or other industries where materials need to be measured and converted. This calculator provides a simple and convenient way to convert measurements from square feet to tons, using a formula that takes into account the area, thickness, and density of the material being measured.

Whether you are working with soil, gravel, sand, stone, or other materials, the Square Feet to Tons Calculator can help you quickly and easily determine the amount of material you need for your project. With this calculator, you can save time and avoid costly mistakes by accurately estimating the amount of material required to cover a specific area to a specific depth.

Square Feet to Tons Calculator Formula

The formula of Square Feet to Tons Calculator is as under:

Square Feet to Tons = Area * Thickness/12 * Density

Here’s how the formula works:

  • Area: The area is measured in square feet and represents the surface area you wish to cover with the material.
  • Thickness: The thickness is measured in inches and represents the depth of the material you wish to apply.
  • Density: Density of Material (Constant Value that can be changed Gravel = .05244 tons/ft^3,  Mulch = .022 tons/ft^3)


How many square feet in a ton of gravel?

The number of square feet in a ton of gravel depends on several factors, including the size and type of gravel, as well as the thickness of the layer you want to spread.

In general, the weight of a ton of gravel can range from 2000 to 2800 pounds, depending on the size and type of gravel. As an estimate, a ton of gravel can cover around 80 to 100 square feet when spread to a depth of 2 inches.

How many sq feet in a ton?

A common rule of thumb is that one ton of asphalt covers about 80-100 square feet at a thickness of 2 inches. Therefore, to calculate the square feet in a ton of asphalt, you would divide 80 or 100 (depending on the thickness) by 2 to get 40 or 50 square feet per inch of thickness, and then multiply that by the number of inches of thickness in the ton.

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