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Bench Press Calories Burned Calculator

The bench press is a popular exercise that primarily works the chest muscles, but also engages other muscles such as the triceps, shoulders, and back. While the bench press is not a particularly high-intensity exercise, it can still contribute to calorie burning and weight loss when performed consistently over time.

Calculating the exact number of calories burned during a bench press session can be difficult, as it depends on several factors, including the weight lifted, number of repetitions, and individual factors such as weight and muscle mass. However, The Confront has got you covered by designing and estimated calculator for you to check how many calories you have burned while bench pressing.

Bench Press Calories Burned Calculator Forumla

Bench Press Calories Burned = WL /150∗5∗R

  • WL: Total Weight Lifted in pounds
  • R: Reps performed

bench press calories burned calculator