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Square Root Curve Calculator

A Square root curve which is also known as the texas curve is used to benefit the student that scores less as compared to the student who scores more marks. So basically this formula is used to help low scorers. The square root curve calculator will convert student grade percentage to Square root curve grade by just entering the percentage:

Square Root Curve Calculator Formula

The formula to find the Square root curve is quite simple as you just need to enter the student grade percent and boom it will show the student curve grade immediately.

  1. SRG= Student Root Curve Grade
  2. SQRT= Square Root
  3. G= G Stands for Student Grade Percentage
  4. Lastly, we have to multiply it by *10

Square Root Curve Grading

A square root curve is often used to represent the relationship between the percentage of correct answers on a test and the corresponding grades. Here’s an example of how you could use a square root curve to calculate grades:

Let’s say a test has a maximum score of 100 points. You could use a square root curve to calculate the grade for each student based on the percentage of correct answers they got on the test.

First, you would need to decide on a value for “a” in the square root equation. This value determines the steepness of the curve. A common value for “a” in this context is 10.

The equation for the square root curve would be:

y = 10 * sqrt(x)

where “x” is the percentage of correct answers and “y” is the grade.

Example of Square Root Grading Curve

To calculate the grade for a student who got 75% of the answers correct, you would plug in x=0.75 into the equation:

y = 10 * sqrt(0.75) = 8.66

So the student’s grade would be 8.66 out of 10, or 86.6%.

You can use this same method to calculate the grades for all of the students who took the test, by plugging in their percentage of correct answers into the equation and calculating the corresponding grade.

Square Root Curve Chart

You use square root curve calulator to find the values as well. Below chart has the square root curve valiues from 1-100%

Square Root Curve Chart – The Confront

Square root curve chart

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