Pie Cut Calculator

The Pie Cut Calculator is a tool that helps you determine the number and size of slices to cut when dividing a circular object, such as a cake or a pizza, into equal pieces. It takes into account the diameter of the circle and the desired number of slices to provide you with the angle measurement for each slice. With the Pie Cut Calculator, you can easily divide your circular object into equal pieces and ensure everyone gets a fair share.

Formula Pie Cut Calculator

The formula used by the Pie Cut Calculator to determine the angle measurement for each slice is:

Angle (in degrees) = 360 degrees / Number of slices


For example, if you want to cut a pizza into 8 equal slices, the angle measurement for each slice would be:

Angle = 360 degrees / 8 = 45 degrees

Once you have the angle measurement, you can use a protractor or other measuring tool to mark the slices on the circular object and cut them accordingly. The Pie Cut Calculator helps simplify this process and ensures that each slice is the same size.

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